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LinguistHouse Translation & Linguistic Services was established in 2005, after acquiring Capital Legal Translation Bureau, which had more than 15 years of experience in the UAE translation industry.

The founder, General Manager and quality supervisor of LinguistHouse is Mr. Nabil A. Baradey, a well-known writer, linguist and journalist, whose translation experience goes back to 1980. He has since translated and revised some 64 books, in addition to countless studies, papers and documents. Mr. Baradey had previously worked as a senior translator/editor at the Office of H.H. the President of the UAE (now the Ministry of Presidential Affairs). Before that, he was an editor and columnist in Al-Ittihad Newspaper. In the nineties, he was the Senior Translator at the Sindbad Translation Office in Amman, Jordan.

Mr. Baradey was keen on recruiting a distinguished team of translators and linguists, with wide and thorough experience, who have also passed the most demanding tests. What distinguishes our company is our linguists’ wonderful team spirit, their willingness to share their expertise, the healthy and funny work environment and, most importantly, the team’s focus on providing top quality service to our clients.

LinguistHouse aspires to be able to provide a complete range of translation, linguistic and content services in the world’s major languages. The Company binds itself and its linguists with strict quality standards in every service we provide. We insist on such standards in a market where even the literature of major players is plagued with poor language, linguistic mistakes and mediocre style.

We believe that, in a market driven by the “quick buck” attitude, it could be difficult to stick to your quality guns. But we believe that, in the long run, quality and commitment will deliver.

Confidentiality Policy

We, at LinguistHouse, treat our clients’ secrets as if they were our own. We believe that observing a high confidentiality policy is in fact an essential component of our success that shouldn’t be compromised in any way. When we hire our staff, we make them sign our Internal Policy, which clearly stresses the paramount importance of treating our clients’ documents with utmost confidentiality. Our Internal Policy makes it very clear that any failure in this respect would be enough reason to terminate the contract of the person concerned and initiate legal action against him or her.

None of your documents or information shall be given to third parties unless LinguistHouse is so required by a court of law.

Upon the client request, LinguistHouse agrees to delete all documents and data belonging to the said client. Otherwise, we usually save our clients’ documents for one year in case they need to review them or to have copies, amendments, etc.

We encourage our clients to advise us as to their preferences in terms of managing their documents. Otherwise, LinguistHouse default policy shall be applicable, always in great respect for the confidentiality of clients’ documents and data.

Quality Assurance

LinguistHouse adopts a comprehensive QA policy. Our high linguistic standards ensure that common mistakes and poor stylistic expressions are avoided. We employ sound classical Arabic that is clearly understood throughout the Arab world.

Great care is taken in the selection of our translators and interpreters. We choose only the best of the best. Translation credentials are scrutinized, and performance, experience and references are checked prior to employment.

When starting a project, we take into consideration not only the academic achievements and linguistic skills of our translators, but also their relevant technical and specialized knowledge. We match their expertise with your requirements.

We stand behind every translated document that we produce. We welcome and encourage feedback from our clientele on our performance. In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our work that it is guaranteed through our money-back policy – a first in the region. We offer our clients a 2% deduction on translation fees for every single mistake they find in our final products – be it in translation, grammar or even typing! This is subject to being given sufficient time to apply our expertise in a particular project.


LinguistHouse is always on the look for highly qualified professionals and linguists. However, we are sorry to say that we do not deal with freelancers as we are very keen on maintaining the same level of quality and consistency of our work.

So, if you feel that you can add value and expertise to our team, please feel free to send us your detailed curriculum vitae, with a recent photo. We will study your resume and credentials and get back to you at the earliest.

However, we should also remind our dear applicants that LinguistHouse expects her staff to be highly qualified professionals, and would set them to strict tests. We do welcome new linguists and translators, but only as trainees. Our clients’ texts are only given to those who possess the highest degrees and the most advanced expertise.

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