Editing & Proofreading

In the multicultural environment of the UAE, communication becomes vital. But with this same cultural diversity comes the common tendency to commit linguistic or spelling mistakes, adopt poor styles and funny punctuation.

Often such weaknesses do a massive damage to the corporate image of organizations, giving a bad impression about their professionalism and the quality of their goods and/or services. While organization spend tens or hundreds of thousands on their corporate images, promoting themselves as leaders in their fields, many of them fail to recognize the importance of the written word on recipients, or else do not have the necessary expertise to differentiate between excellent and poor texts. So, we sometimes find quite funny mistakes that spoil the literature, and image, of major companies.

This is true to Arabic as well as other languages used in the region. In fact, it could be more common in other languages, due to the lack in efficient linguists in other languages. LinguistHouse guarantees the linguistic soundness and aesthetic flow of the texts it produces, whether they are translations or copy-written texts. Our strict quality controls allow our clients to claim 2% of their fees for each and every mistake they can detect in our work, including typos!

However, we are also willing to edit and proofread ready texts for reasonable fees, allowing our clients to rest assured that their literature has the highest possible quality and the most effective message.

Only qualified linguists will handle your texts, so that you take our products directly to the printing press, without any need for revision or editing. As an extra service, we can also revise your pre-print copies in case any errors find their way to the texts due to software change or inconsistency. The writing, designing, printing and distribution of your publications cost a fortune, and it would be a wise decision not to compromise all this just because you fail to hire a professional linguist to ensure their quality.

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