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Translation is a fine difficult art that only gives itself to a talented elite of professionals who dedicate themselves to this onerous job. The translator, as a person, is a rare mix of several factors that seldom meet and interact to give us this breed of professionals. The following are the main ingredients of this mix:

1. A strong mastery of the mother tongue, where translators should be deep-rooted in the culture, grammar, semantics and stylistics of their own mother language. This is an essential prerequisite for any good translator. But it is more important in the case of Arab translators. Arab translators, for example, should have read the Holy Quran at an early age and master its expressions and style, because this is the highest literary form of standard Arabic. They should also have learned and memorized a good deal of Arabic poetry and literature and got acquainted with the Arab history. This is especially important for Arab translators because, unfortunately, they lack a lot of the tools used by their peers worldwide. We don’t have a standard linguistic authority to Arabize newly introduced terms, or to decide which expression is right and which is wrong. On the other hand, our modern dictionaries are starkly inadequate when new sciences and developments are concerned. So, translators are left to coin their own expressions for new concepts and terms, which requires a vast knowledge of Arabic.

2. An excellent mastery of the source, foreign language. Translators should always update their knowledge, and read a lot of the literature of their foreign languages. Here also, we are sorry to say that translators are advised to use foreign, single language dictionaries rather than poor, foreign-Arabic dictionaries. This also involves the use of the Internet, which has become a very important source for translators who often have to do some research to understand certain specialized terms.

3. A Rich education and knowledge. This can be a means and an end at the same time. Initially, good translators are those who like to know and acquire new ideas to understand the world around them. It goes without saying that understanding a certain text is the first prerequisite before translating it. Otherwise, how could one convey a message he doesn’t understand? Therefore, by virtue of their profession itself, translators are the most educated and well-rounded professionals. Each day, they are faced with a new text in a new field of life. They have to study and understand that text to be able to convey it to their native audience. With the passage of days and years, such knowledge accumulates to form a rich, seasoned thinker of international exposure. In a multicultural, multilingual society like the UAE, efficient, professional translators are in great demand. Here, Arabic suffers huge pressures from several foreign languages and dialects. Therefore linguistic accuracy becomes rare. Poor Arabic styles are the norm, and errors abound, even in the literature and publications of big and important organizations, whether public or private. This greatly impairs the image of such organizations and makes a disservice to their message.

Therefore, LinguistHouse has been overly thorough in selecting its translators and linguists, so that they combine the attributes listed above. It further sets a rigorous quality policy to ensure that translated texts come out clear, accurate and ready for publication or use without any further intervention. Sometimes, LinguistHouse would even volunteer to correct the texts it receives before translating them, just to spare its clients the embarrassment of publishing such texts with their mistakes and errors.

Every single piece of translation you entrust us with is well studied and taken care of. It would not come out and be delivered unless it is a vivid and excellent mirror of the translated origin. We do not take any assignment unless we know quite well that we will deliver it with the highest quality. We respect our work, and respect the reputation and interests of our clients, and look for building long-lasting partnerships with them; partnerships that are based on trust, quality and excellent service.

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