Interpretation is an art – not merely “oral translation.” It is a refined skill that comes only through academic study, training and practical experience.

LinguistHouse employs professional interpreters who have studied this challenging field, received specialized training on the subject and practiced interpretation for many years in a wide range of events and conferences. In addition, our interpreters continue to develop their linguistic skills by regularly participating in specialized training courses.

To ensure the success of your event, LinguistHouse thoroughly prepares by studying all available literature on the event and related topics prior to the event. Our interpreters then prepare specialized glossaries, which facilitates their task during the event. We work closely with our clients throughout the preparation period, ensuring that our interpreters have all the background materials and documents that will be discussed during the meetings and sessions.

All that remains is live speeches and discussions during the event itself, and here our clients will find out that our interpreters are capable of communicating such live interpositions with the utmost professionalism. Therefore, we urge our clients to contact us early enough so that we can prepare for the success of their events – a duty that we take very seriously.

Upon request, if the venue is not equipped for professional interpretation, we can also provide transmission equipment. This could prove to be a cost-effective option for your organization, as we get such equipment at special discounted rates.

When it comes to your events and conferences, we understand that their overall success is based on the quality and effectiveness of each component. LinguistHouse is your event partner for superior interpretation services.

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