Legal Translation

Legal translation of your documents, contracts and official papers should not be taken lightly. Legal English is sometimes very difficult for novice translators. The difference in laws, legal concepts and procedures between East and West requires a culturally sensitive and highly educated translator. It can be quite dangerous to entrust your vital documents to mediocre or inexperienced translators.

Time and again, we have seen people losing hundreds of thousands of hard-won money just because of some mistake or even ambiguity in translating an article or a phrase.

Our legal translators are not just tested and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice. They have passed the more demanding tests of LinguistHouse. They had specialized academic training in legal translation, and then acquired an extensive experience over many years in this sticky field of translation.

Therefore, we stand behind each and every document we produce, and guarantee its accuracy and soundness.

Your legal contracts, bylaws and agreements constitute the backbone of your organization. Don’t let them be subject to guesswork by average translators.

Our translations are approved, and respected, by all local and federal courts and notary publics, as well as embassies and consulates operating in the United Arab Emirates. Expand this idea to creating a theme or best service story for an entire unit

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