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LinguistHouse offers a wide range of media solutions to Public Relations Departments of both public and private organizations, so as to help them communicate more effectively or save them time and money. We support their PR teams by providing quality Arabic and English content – stories, features, and other texts on a wide range of general and specialized fields – for their magazines and newsletters.

Some organizations don’t want to employ full-time editorial staff to do the necessary research and writing. Alternatively, other organizations may simply want to improve the overall level of their writing by supporting their existing staff with quality writers, editors, translators and media professionals. In both cases, our services and dedicated staff get the job done.

Written in close collaboration with your in-house writing staff, the articles and stories that we supply come to you complete, with the proper pictures, graphics, tables and figures; thus meeting the strictest quality guidelines, adding value to your magazines, and making them more appealing to a wider readership.

In providing this service, LinguistHouse is committed to all applicable quality policies and controls. We ensure that the articles and stories provided to our customers include the richest and most updated and authentic information; that they have never been published before; that our clients own the intellectual property rights of such stories; and that they are free from any mistakes in terms of content, editorial professionalism or linguistics, so that they can be published without any need for additional revision or proofreading. Our media services will benefit your organization by:

Cutting your costs on the salaries and benefits of full-time, specialized media staff, translators and proofreaders Taking the load off of your existing editorial staff, allowing them to follow up on the activities of the organization itself, and to lay the general strategies for your literature, Ensuring that your magazines and newsletters are published on time, every time, by delivering high-quality articles, and even building up an approved database of articles to fill in any last minute holes,

Raising the professional standard of the content of your literature, resulting in increased readership and sales. We also have the capability to provide our clients with regular translations of selected articles from the world media or specialized publications, including opinion articles and columns by prominent writers and experts in various fields.

Our media services department will ensure that your organization gets the highest quality and professional content, saving you money, effort and time. The ultimate mission is to save the princess, and each task they do professional academic writing services over a three-week period gets them closer to that goal.

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